Living in Inland Southern California has many advantages in regards to outdoor living. Great weather and many warm sunny days afford us to take advantage of our outdoor areas often. But, as the saying goes, one can have too much of a good thing. The sun, as good as it feels can often be too hot and can cause skin and health problems if we get too much of it. Thankfully, there is more than one way to get the shade we need and still be able to enjoy the outdoors.

There are many different varieties of umbrellas and shade structures that can add both functionality and style to your outdoor living area. From the classic market style umbrella to the palatial pavilions, you can create a resort-like atmosphere at home. Let us show you a few different styles:

• Umbrellas: These are a very versatile type of shade structure because they can be placed almost anywhere, including pools. They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. Like everything, there is a variety of price ranges depending on the quality and function. Some tilt for the evening sun (and there is a variety of tilting mechanisms), some are better suited for high wind areas, and some are designed to last for years of trouble-free use without fading or rotting. We at Patio World carry all types, styles, and price ranges of umbrellas to fit everyone’s budget, fit, and function.

• Cantilevers: These type of umbrellas have become popular because they offer shade by having the umbrella hang by an arm on the side, so there is no pole in the middle a table or conversation area. Like standard umbrellas, these come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. They even have some with lights and a sound system where you can listen to the radio or hook up and iPad. This type of umbrella requires a little more planning because you need to have an area that is large enough to hold the base that gives the umbrella the desired weight and support.

• Pavilions: These shade structures gives the sense of a true resort. Outfitted with curtains gives you privacy and respite from the sun. These come in round, square, and rectangle shapes and a variety of sizes and colors. Anchoring or weighing the posts is key into assuring your structure does not become damaged.

All of the above shade solutions can both greatly enhance your outdoor “living room” and provide the shade necessary to protect you from the sun. There are many accessories that you can add on to each such as lighting, music players, mosquito nets, and drapes to make you and your guests more comfortable. We invite you to come and see all the varieties that are available and to help you create the most relaxing and functional outdoor space that you deserve