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January 2024 Newsletter

We made it!  Life, Lived Better – Outdoors celebrates its 1-year anniversary this month.  12 issues of our newsletter and we are diving into the New Year!

We have seen many changes in 2023 in regard to the newsletter and to Patio World, our family business, our heart and soul.  There is one constant in life, it is always changing.  And we plan to change, grow, and improve with it.  Mistakes will be made, as we humans tend to do, but open mindedness, learning, growing, supporting, having fun, and enjoying the outdoors is the ever-moving target.

Thank you for being part of our community and joining us on this adventure.  Our hope is that you found and continue to find our articles informative, invigorating, and fun.  Where you can apply them in your own life, share with others, and bring some joy in this otherwise chaotic world.

Cheers to a New Year, New Opportunities, and New Adventures – Outdoors!
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Life, Lived Better – Outdoors

What’s New at PW:

  • Christmas World in Riverside, CA is officially closed for the Season.  Thank you to all who visited The Inland Empire’s OLDEST AND ONLY Fully Dedicated Christmas Store.  Our family looks forward to visiting with old acquaintances each year and meeting new friends during the Holidays.  Have a great year ahead, and don’t be a stranger – we would love for you to visit during the year!
  •   Patio World Riverside & Temecula are going through a major refresh during the months of January and February.   We are bringing in fresh new styles for 2024 and putting new spins on our classic outdoor ensembles.  Also, with raw material price stabilization (finally), streamlined manufacturer operations, and shipping rate reductions we are able to pass along significantly Lower Prices on all our quality, handcrafted furniture that Patio World is known.  Please visit one of our 2 showrooms in southern California to view the breathtaking collections that can re-invigorate and complete your outdoor area.

Out & About

(PHOTO) Our recent delivery to Fallbrook, CA offers a modern, yet comfortable twist on this classic design. HOUE “Click” collection with bamboo dining table.

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It’s a Dog’s Life…really

We are taking a break this month from Fidos Photos, but if you want to partake in the funSend us a photo of your dog enjoying your backyard/outdoor space or on an adventure outdoors!  You can send pics via email or text to 951-818-5470.  If your photo is chosen, we will send your pup some treats!

You can see some of last year’s canines by visiting our 2023 newsletters.

(WBR) Wayne’s Book Review

My New Year’s Resolution / Goal for the year is to read one book a month.  And aren’t you lucky – You get a rare glimpse into the mind of Wayne Romain and his take on said book.  Just so you know, I’m not a reader.  In the last 10 years, I have probably read six or seven books at the most.  No literary giant here, but like a lot of things in life, you get outside your element, do things you don’t normally do, and you might learn something.

What does this have to do with the outdoors?  Maybe nothing.  Maybe a lot. But it does represent another pastime that we can enjoy (or muddle through) in The Outdoors.

This month’s book: The River of Doubt: Theodore Roosevelt’s Darkest Journey (2005) by Candice Millard

This book hits all cylinders of what I want a book to be.  Historical, adventure, foreign lands, culture, a bit of politics, and most of the story, centered on conquering an unknown river, takes place outdoors. Specifically, a large, uncharted river in the Amazon Rainforest.  Years 1913 – 1914.

Just after a failed Presidential bid, Roosevelt does something that he has done his entire life when he is in a personal crisis:  He runs.  He pushes himself to the limits of physical and mental stamina.  This time he charters off to the Amazon with his young adult son, Kermit, and a whole clad of adventurers from the United States and Brazil.

Some survive the trip, some don’t.  One thing is for sure, this man of means, born of privilege and reaching the ultimate peak of U.S. and World politics, is not one to lounge around and whisper quietly away in defeat and old age.  Fear makes him stronger.  Seemingly, almost superhuman at this late stage of life.  He makes choices, then, lets the chips fall where they may.  Life and situations do not always go your way and Roosevelt deals with that fact in a profound way.  He lives with his choices (some die by them), it is, what it is.

There are many other story lines and experiences of the fellow adventurers.  Outlandish personalities.  Personal dramas.  It would take me pages upon pages to go into it.  More than what this small newsletter can provide.  So, I strongly suggest, go read the book, or listen to it, like me.  You will not be disappointed.

For more info on this book see Wikipedia

Note: This is my unprofessional, biased, informal review. I make no claims and receive no money or support for my reviews.  It’s just an extrapolation from the mind of WR.

La Última Palabra (The Last Word)

Quote of the Month:

“January is the Monday of months.” – Unknown

Oh, c’mon.  It isn’t that bad.  There are many great things about this month: Birthdays (my sister’s-Kelly), and, and, and…it’s not 115 degrees outside, and, well, I’ll just let it go at that.

Happy Birthday Kelly!

Have an idea for a future newsletter?  Want to berate me for something I did or said?  Go ahead!  I want to hear from you:  The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly.    You can leave a message here or email us at

Whether at home or out in the wild, take it all in.  Remember that life is truly lived better outdoors.

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