Remember way back when, when all you needed for a fire pit was an old washer drum and a couple of seasoned wood logs? Well, fire pits have come a long way since “the good old days”. From simple to fancy and with a variety of fuels and table top options, the choices are endless.

Let’s start with fuel. You can have the convenience of propane, natural gas, gel fuel, and wood.

Propane fire pits are very versatile as you can move your fire pit from one place to the other in your outdoor living space. You can create a new and different “fireside look” for each occasion. The fuel is also relatively inexpensive and abundant in most areas. The only disadvantage is having to take the propane tank to get refilled or exchanged every so often and having the possibility of running out of fuel midway during an evening function. So either have an extra tank on hand or make sure you have enough in the tank to utilize your fire pit.
Natural Gas is very convenient and inexpensive. No tanks to worry about, just turn on the valve, light the fire, and your ready to go. The only disadvantage is you are relatively limited as to where to locate them. You need to have a natural gas stub coming from a source relatively close to the fire pit for it to work. Most will have a piped out source from the house or pool equipment when first designing their outdoor area.
Gel Fuel has the convenience of propane without the tank necessary to fire it up. Advantages of these pits over the first two mentioned is that the fire pits are often smaller and lighter in size and weight and can even be put on table tops. Endless sizes and styles are available. Disadvantage, is that the fuel can be a little more expensive and the “cans” that contain the fuel will usually last between 2-4 hours depending on the size. A very distinct look though.
Wood, the old standby. You get the natural smell of the old campfires you have while camping or by the beach. These fire pits can also give you a great deal of heat for those cold nights. Disadvantages: too much smoke and sparks can reek havoc if not used in the correct location or manner. Remember, safety first.

Fire pits can come with tops or without tops and you can get the tops in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can dine on your fire pits, just use them to have appetizers and cocktails, or just kick back and enjoy the fire and a top may not be necessary. Do some planning before you make your decision. modern firepit

There is an endless variety of fire pit styles and prices available to the end user. Fortunately, Patio World carries a wide spectrum of them. You can see a small sample of them here. If you are undecided as to which one you think will work best for you, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we can show you all the options available.

Whether winter, spring, summer, or fall casual fireside is the perfect centerpiece any outdoor room of any size and budget.