Well, it’s the waning days of August and the kids are going back to school, the tomato plants in the garden may be on their last legs, and cooler weather & shorter days are just around the corner. Not to mention NFL game-day is revving up. So is it time to cover up the outdoor furniture and lock the doors till March?

Not even close.

For me, the best time of year is now. I love the cooler weather, gentle breezes, and putting the world-famous to me “Pepper Stout Beef” on the smoker. All while enjoying family and friends outdoors with a bubbling fountain, music, and the fresh air. That’s why we live here in southern California, right? We have at least 10 months of quality weather to enjoy the outdoors and we should be taking advantage of it as often as possible.

Right now is arguably the best time to invest in your outdoor area. Patio World is receiving closeout/discontinued lists on a daily basis for all our outdoor living products for the 2013 season. Which means that we are moving out products from both our warehouse and manufacturer inventories at blowout prices that carry full factory warranties.

Don’t let another weekend go by lying on the couch inside when you could be dining, entertaining, and relaxing outdoors in your own personal oasis with family and friends. See a sample of what is available here and find additional offers that will make that purchase all the more worth while.