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Caliente!  August 2023 Newsletter

The heat is on

On the street

Inside your head

On every beat……………and so on and so forth.

Yes, it is California in August and yes, it is HOT!  Not Death Valley Hot, but not too far off either.

Hopefully, you have had a great summer so far because it’s only just begun.  Believe it or not, we still have about 2 months (or more) of + 90-degree weather.  So don’t put that bathing suit away just because the kids are going back to school.  Outdoor entertaining is in full “beast mode” and we are the place to help you take advantage of it.

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Life, Lived Better – Outdoors

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It’s a Dog’s Life…really

Send us a photo of your dog enjoying your backyard/outdoor space or on an adventure outdoors!  You can send via email or text pictures to 951-818-5470.  If your photo is chosen, we will send your pup some treats!

Ceci, from Pomona, CA, shared a picture of her dog Rudy.  He’s happy even when the temp hits the triple digits!  Thanks for sharing Ceci and we’ll be sending your pup some treats soon!

Rudy The Dog Finding a Place in The Shade

Ceci’s Dog Rudy Getting Some Shade In the Cool Part of the Lawn

La Última Palabra (The Last Word)

Quote for the Month:

“”Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired.” — Jules Renard

As the dog days of summer are upon us, I find myself a little more drowsy and tired.  Like many of you, summer has been quite busy.  Work, play, mini vacations, extra-long work weeks, driving the kids to and fro, and countless “in-between” moments.  I could use some laziness in my life…but no time for that, gotta go and clean the back patio before our guests arrive for our next function -my wife is hosting a bridal shower at our house.  The life of a Patio Guy.

I hope you do enjoy this month’s newsletter and the interesting (to me) articles within.  But as someone once said, “I am not an island, it is not all about me!”  So, we do welcome and look forward to your comments, suggestions, and ideas.  We want this to be a community, so feel free to share and contribute.  We might reach out to you for a future collaboration!  You can leave a message here or email us at

Whether at home or out in the wild, take it all in.  Remember that life is truly lived better outdoors.

Take care,


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