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There is nothing like sharing a meal with family and friends. Patio World is an exclusive Fire Magic & American Outdoor Grill (AOG) Dealer.  With access to all available BBQ grills, side burners, access doors & drawers, parts, and more, we offer the best prices available anywhere in southern California.  Whether you are building a BBQ island or need a luxurious cart model, we have you covered.

Patio World also has replacement parts available In Stock and by Quick Ship Special Order.

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Initially, outdoor heaters were manufactured and marketed specifically for restaurants.  Soon after, the customers of these restaurants wanted the kind of warmth these heaters provided at their homes.  Today, hundreds of people enjoy Patio World Outdoor Heaters in the privacy of their own homes.
Our heaters utilize infrared heat to warm.  Infrared heating is a cleaner and more efficient heating source because it warms people and solid objects instead of wasting energy by heating the air.  Designed to provide the warmth, comfort, and enjoyment to your outdoor dining and entertainment events.   Now you can enjoy eating, sitting, or reading at your outdoor space any time of the year!
Patio World outdoor heaters are extremely durable because they have non-rust and non-corrosive characteristics.  They are designed with long-term durability, safety, and performance in mind. All major components and fasteners used in our heaters are made from commercial grade aluminum, stainless steel, aluminized steel, or brass.
General features of outdoor heaters (see store for specific features on specific models):
  • 40,000 BTUs
  • Completely Self-Contained and Portable
  • Provides Clean and Draft Free Circle of Warmth
  • 100% Safety Control
  • Portable Wheel Kit included
  • UL Listed and Approved
  • Complete Parts Availability and Support
  • Up to 10 hours of use on standard OPD Cylinder
  • Meet or Exceed CSA and UL safety and performance standard in the US and Canada.

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