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Awesome Sauce – October 2023 Newsletter


awesome-sauce (adjective)
  1. extremely good; excellent:
    “the ladies’ awesomesauce weekend in Vegas ended prematurely” · “seeing them perform live was awesomesauce!” · “awesomesauce, looking forward to it”

      2. October = Awesomesauce:

           “cooler weather is awesomesauce” · “Halloween is awesomesauce” · “the leaves changing color is awesomesauce” · “pumpkin pie, awesomesauce”

….need I say more?

What’s NeW at PW:

  • Christmas World is on it’s way! We are clearing our Riverside showroom this month to make room for our 40th Edition of Christmas World!  The Inland Empire’s OLDEST AND ONLY Fully Dedicated Christmas Store.  Follow our Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter for updates. Opening last week of October.
  • WE ARE HIRING!  Full Time or Part Time:  Temecula – Sales – We can work with your schedule. If interested, contact us here or email us a resume. Or if you know someone, please, pass it on! Don’t be shy, we would love to meet you!

Learn How to Make Your Outdoor Area Awesomesauce:

Phone: 951-354-0500

Text: 951-818-5470


Warm Regards

Wayne Romain 

Patio World 

Life, Lived Better – Outdoors

Out & About

Exquisite Jensen Outdoor Bolivian Ipe. Recently delivered to the Terramor community in Temescal Valley, California.  This superb natural wood is denser than teak and will last decades outdoors.

→Trader Joe’s’ Bakery Just Brought Back the Dessert Customers Call a “12 Out of 10” Pumpkin Kringle Returns

→How to make a small backyard look bigger – Napoleon’s Backyard Envy

→You can call me lazy, but don’t call me pretty Chaos Gardening

→I’m not a big fan of lists or “The top 10….”, but I’ll make an exception for desserts 21 Best Warm Desserts for Cold Winter Nights

→Looking for something to do October 6? The Mad Hatter Has Something for Everyone!

→Transforming Your Backyard into a Mosquito-Free Oasis Bite Back on Those Bloodsuckers

→My friends think I’m crazy for kayaking and fishing here – Not that Paris

→ You don’t need to travel far for a little Ziggy Zaggy Ziggy Zaggy Oi Oi Oi!

→ Sometimes, it’s better to leave things where they are – Oh No! Another Person Fell Into a Trailhead Toilet

→ I didn’t know it was filmed there – 45 Years Later – Halloween

→ The Science behind fall folliage  Look at The Colors

It’s a Dog’s Life…really

Send us a photo of your dog enjoying your backyard/outdoor space or on an adventure outdoors!  You can send pics via email or text to 951-818-5470.  If your photo is chosen, we will send your pup some treats!

Jackson helped Jennifer and Kevin start a new chapter in their lives by leading them down the aisle in Lake Arrowhead, California.  Congratulations and thanks for sharing your special day!

La Última Palabra (The Last Word)

Quote of the Month:

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” – Audrey Hepburn

So true.

Listening, reading, and watching all the opinions, rants, and happenings in the world can make my head spin. But, when I get outside, get away from the noise, get a little dirty – from gardening, hiking, kayaking, and the like, my soul is repaired.  Positive thoughts and temperament comes to mind, body, and soul.  I hope it does the same for you.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s newsletter and the articles within.

Have an idea for a future newsletter?  Want to berate me for something I did or said?  Go ahead!  I want to hear from you:  The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly.    You can leave a message here or email us at

Whether at home or out in the wild, take it all in.  Remember that life is truly lived better outdoors.

Take care,



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