Residing in the Inland Empire for Over 40 Years Has Taught Us Many Things

We, like you, live here to enjoy the many benefits this area has to offer.  Not only do our communities offer great amenities and attractions, but we also have close access to the beach, the mountains, and to other major metropolitan areas which afford their own merit (i.e., concerts, arts, pro sports, etc.)

By living in the Inland Empire, we also enjoy the benefits of the Lower-Cost-Of-Living.  We desire quality, but we also desire more “bang for your buck”.

This is the reason our family has been able to provide you with the best outdoor furniture at the lowest prices you will find anywhere.  Our margins are low.  We know the price points and affordability of our clientele.  This is why you live here; this is why we live here.  We are your neighbors, we understand.

Affordable Luxury

Affordable does not mean “cheap” at our store.  We offer the finest, handcrafted furniture, that will last decades outdoors.  We also offer the most fashion forward styles from todays leading manufacturers.  Altogether, at a price that matches the Inland Empire (not Orange County, San Diego, or L.A. prices).

We did the work for you.  Below are just a few examples of what we offer as compared to the market “out there”.

And more…

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